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DevOps, PowerShell & Python

Luke is a passionate and highly focused individual, dedicated to learning about technology and its implementation. With over 7 years of IT experience working with business critical infrastructure, and applications. His primary skills set is around infrastructure and operating systems, configuration automation and testing.

He has a long background supporting and engineering Windows based solutions, but is comfortable and keen to learn more about Linux, spending most of his work day at the shell.

He has a keen interest in software development, CI/CD, reusable software design and enjoys building platforms and designing frameworks.

Engineer @ G-Research (2015 - Present)

Currently within the cloud team, working on public and private cloud adoption throughout the business.

Currently working on

Internal cloud adoption

  • AWS account vending framework (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Design of self-service infrastructure pipelines for internal development teams.
  • Indepth automation of AWS account onboarding, boundry controls, and EC2 infrastructure.
  • Providing automation frameworks to infrastructure teams (Terraform Enterprise, Ansible Tower).

Previous projects

Developing windows configuration management baselines
  • Developing DCS resources.
  • TDD with pester.
  • CI/CD pipelines for test coverage & unit testing.
Windows package management
  • Implementation & rollout of Chocolatey package management.
  • CI/CD pipeline to automate deployment of internal packages, from a VCS (200+ packages).
  • Choolatey Business & Self-Service functionality.
  • Pushing internal adoption of solution.
  • Migration from legacy system.
Windows OS deployment
  • Development and maintenance of ansible modules & playbooks.
  • Development and maintenance of powershell modules, and build scripts.
  • Reverse downtime server deployments.

Full job history available on Linkedin.


Computing BSc @ Birckbeck

Expected graduation is 2020, the course has helped me understand a lot of the history and fundementals of computing technologies, but has also given me a broader understanding of the industry. My time at Birckbeck so far has taught me to be a better developer, understanding more of the terminology and concepts that underpin the technology I use on a daily basis.

Here is a subset of the modules I’ve found most interesting:

  • Software Programming.
  • Algorithm Design.
  • Information Systems Concepts & Management.


Python Go Bash
Bash Java C#
PowerShell JavaScript C++

Recent Tools

Terraform Enterprise Terraform Ansible
Ansible Tower Docker CodePipeline
PowerShell DSC Chocolatey